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Galanthus Gala

Transcripts of previous Galanthus Galas will be available to download, hopefully later this year

Prices shown relate to original printed versions, which may not be still available.

1997 £10.00 + P&P (UK £2.00, Europe £3.00)
Venue: Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester. Garden: Colesbourne Park.
Dr Alan Leslie; The Mighty Atom Story
Richard Ayres; Anglesey Abbey Snowdrops
Joe Sharman; Yellow Snowdrops
Daphne Chappell; The Giant Snowdrop Company
3 colour plates, line drawings and bound

1998 £8.00 + P&P (UK £2.00, Europe £3.00)
Venue: Bottisham Village College, Cambridge. Garden: Anglesey Abbey
Rod Leeds; Snowdrops with an East Anglian connection
Michael Baron; Pests and Diseases of Snowdrops
Chris Brickell; Some Perspectives on the Genus Galanthus.
4 colour plates and bound

1999 £10.00 + P&P (UK £2.00, Europe £3.00)
Venue: Worksop College, Worksop. Garden: Hodsock Priory.
Matt Bishop; a Review of some of the Newer Cultivars
Mark Brown; The French National Collection
Hector Harrison; Raising New Snowdrops
Kate Garton; The Gardens at Hodsock Priory
5 colour plates and bound

2000 £8.00 + P&P (UK £2.00, Europe £3.00)
Venue: Abingdon, Oxon. Garden: Kingston Bagpuize
Dr Dowling Munro; Twinscaling
Michael Myers; Snowdrops and Associated Plants
Joe Sharman; Collecting Plants in the Wild, (not allowed to be completed so not included)
4 colour plates and bound

2003 £10.00 + P&P (UK £2.00, Europe £3.00)
Venue: Bourne, Lincs. Garden: The Curtis’s, Hacconby.
Timothy Clark; The Soham Snowdrop
Joerg Lebsa; Snowdrops in the wild in Turkey
Trevor Wiltshire; Snowdrop Farming in Turkey
5 colour plates and bound

2004 £10.00 + P&P (UK £2.00, Europe £3.00)
Venue: Rendcomb College, Glos. Garden: Rodmarton Manor.
Simon Biddulph; Snowdrops at Rodmarton
Matt Bishop; Hot Drops
Catherine Erskine; The Legal Trade in Snowdrops from Scottish Woods
5 colour plates and bound

2005 £10.00 + P&P (UK £2.00, Europe £3.00)
Venue: Sir John Leman High School, Beccles, Suffolk. Garden: Gable House, Redisham.
Richard Hobbs; The Greatorex Garden at Brundall
Jennifer Harmer; Famous Galanthophiles
Joe Sharman; Poculiforms
5 colour plates and bound

2006 £10.00 + P&P (UK £2.00, Europe £3.00)
Venue: Bromsgrove School, Bromsgrove. Garden: Dial Park, Chaddesley Corbett, Worcs.
John Sales; Galanthus Gleanings
Ann Borrill; Six Species in the Wild
Mark Brown; The Grass Menagerie (scharlockii)
5 colour plates and bound

2007 £10.00 + P&P (UK £2.00, Europe £3.00)
Venue: Concord College, Shrewsbury, Shrops. Garden: The Patch, Acton Piggot.
Cliff Curtis; Ketton, 50 years on
Melvyn Jope; Propagation and Selection of Galanthus reginae-olgae
Joe Sharman; The New, the Rare and the Curious
5 colour plates and bound

2008 £10.00 + P&P (UK £2.00, Europe £3.00)
Venue: Port Regis School, Shaftesbury, Dorset. Garden: Snape Cottage, Bourton.
Lectures: Dr Kit Grey-Wilson; Snowdrops at Kilverstone, Thetford, Simon Savage; Simon’s Selections, Johan Mens; Snowdrops in Belgium, Michael Dreisvogt; Snowdrops in Slovenia. 6 colour plates and bound

2009 £10.00 + P&P (UK £2.00, Europe £3.00)
Venue: Queenswood, Brookman’s Park, Hatfield. Garden: Myddelton House, Enfield.
Bryan Hewitt; E A Bowles, A Life
Joe Sharman; Snowdrops at Myddelton House
Melvyn Jope; Galanthus reginae-olgae in Corfu
6 colour plates and bound

2010 £10.00  + P&P (UK £2.00, Europe £3.00)
Venue: New Hall School, Bareham, Chelmsford.
Rod Leeds: Snowdrops start in September
John Grimshaw: Common sens about snowdrops
Mark Smith: irish snowdrops
6 colour plates and bound

2012 £10.00 + P&P (UK £2.00, Europe £3.00)
Venue: Banbury School, Banbury, Oxon. Gardens: Evenley Wood Garden, Evenley. Woodchippings, Juniper Hill.
Richard Hobbs; Norfolk’s Finest.
Ian Christie; Recent finds in Scotland.
Joe Sharman; Snowdrop Jargon.
Readings from “Snowdrops” by Edna V Jackson by Rosie Walker.
6 colour plates and bound