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New snowdrop cultivars

Brief descriptions of the newer cultivars (text as distributed with 2016 availability list)

‘Bertha’ a pterugiform with a very distinctive mark on the inner like an H or a pinafore. Small but very vigorous.

elwesii ‘Kencot Kali’ the longest-petalled, green-tipped variety ever found. Vigorous, early. Needs to settle to get to full size and markings.

elwesii ‘Magnus’ very distinctive with a perfectly circular basal mark. Vigorous. Mid to late.

‘Green Man’ the markings resemble a green face on the inner. Dwarf, vigorous.

‘Günter Waldorf’ a superb new elwes hybrid with absolutely massive, long flowers. An intermediate mark. Previously known as ‘Phuq’

‘John’s Y-Fronts’ Small, late, neat, single with a very clearly Y-shaped mark on inner. Grey leaves.

‘Midge’ almost the latest to flower. Very grey short leaves. The mark shows byzantinus parentage.

‘Must Have’ an ikariae cross selected by Simon Savage. A large dark heart-shaped apical mark and suffused green below. Pale green leaves with recurved tips.

nivalis ‘Angelfley’. A tiny, narrow-leaved variety from Günter Waldorf.

nivalis ‘Bagpuize Virginia’ a double from Kingston Bagpuize. Neat and slightly spiky.

nivalis ‘Charlotte Jean’. The only pure white scharlockii poculiform. Not easy.

nivalis ‘Chrome Yellow’, brilliant yellow, with hints of orange, ovary and mark.

nivalis ‘Creme Anglaise’. Distinctly cream in bud and aging to creamy-white. Poculiform. Late.

nivalis ‘Ecusson d’Or’ yellow flowers with yellow tips to the outers. Needs to settle down to show its full character. From France.

nivalis ‘Francesca de Grammont’ a superb, late, reliable poculiform.

nivalis ‘Gloria’ a poculiform with long-pointed inners and outers. Reselected to be pure white.

nivalis ‘Joshua Jansen’. With neat dark green tips. Selected by Günter Waldorf.

nivalis ‘Monti Picentini’. The only yellow nivalis selection from Italy. Found by Peter Erskine.

nivalis ‘Munchkin’ a miniscule plant less than 5cm tall. Reflexed leaves. Normal flowers. Vigorous.

nivalis ‘Norfolk Blonde’, pale leaves and pale yellow flowers with a long ovary.

nivalis ‘Shrek’ a long-petalled, elegant virescent, washed pale green. Very long petals.

nivalis ‘Woozle’ a bizarre double spiky with green tips. The flowers are dense and globular unlike the other spikys. It often has extra petals growing from the ovary.

‘Nothing Special’, a very clean white and wonderfully scented and one of the best forms I have selected. Vigorous.

‘Orleton’, an incredibly vigorous hybrid, clumping ferociously. Plicatus x nivalis.

plicatus ‘Bryan Hewitt’ another superb poculiform plicate from Myddelton House. Earlier, shorter, greener leaves and very elegant flowers.

plicatus ‘E A Bowles’ a fully poculiform plicate found at Myddelton.

plicatus ‘Joe Sharman’. The only fully virescent form of subsp. byzantinus. Vigorous and easy.

plicatus ‘Richard Blakeway Phillips’ a superb byzantinus which is early and has huge flowers. Often two flowers per bulb. Stands out amongst the crowd.

‘Quatrefoile’. Selected and named by Margaret Owen. A hybrid with 3x3 or 4x4 flowers. Very distinctive.

Rizehensis ‘Margaret Billington’ can have 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5 flowers all in the same clump. Often two flowers per bulb. Greenish leaves.

‘Robyn Janey’, a hybrid with two flowers per bulb, very long pedicels and very long claws. Really distinctive with two elongated eye spots.

‘Tilly’ A pterugiform hybrid of G. gracilis and G’Trym’, which turned up with Veronica Cross and is named for the leader of the pack. In appearance is intermediate between the parents,

‘Trym Baby’ tall, vigorous with small green tips on the slightly pterugiform outers. The result of a deliberate cross between G. p ‘Trym’ x G. n ‘Poculiformis’

‘Wake up Call’ a new double elwesii hybrid with nicely-shaped flowers. Early. Variable numbers of inners.

‘Bridesmaid’ allegedly the first hybrid poculiform, doesn’t always behave. Diminutive.

elwesii ‘Cross Eyes’ a vigorous, narrow leaved form with fuzzy eyespots and slightly green tipped.

elwesii ‘Greenbottle’ A selected sport from G. e ‘Cross Eyes’ with a large, very dark green mark on the tip. Semi-pterugiform and varies from year to year in the strength of the tipping.

‘Cliff Curtis’ a large vigorous hybrid, a bit like ‘Ketton’ but larger and more elegant

‘David Quinton’ a new hybrid poculiform resulting from a deliberate cross. A large, vigorous plant intermediate between the parents. G. p ‘E A Bowles’ x G. n ‘Poculiformis’

nivalis ‘Green Light’ a form with bright shining green leaves and green-tipped outer petals.

nivalis ‘Llo‘n’ Green’ the earliest green-tipped selection. Green tipping is variable, season to season.

nivalis ‘Jenny Wren’ a small, late, very neat double. Not the same as the Greatorex plant.

nivalis ‘Springwood Park’ a superb new poculiform nivalis with huge flowers. Needs to settle in to perform at its best. Slow.

nivalis ‘Nero’ the most amazing pterugiform nivalis with a very dark green big mark. Rare and slow. Diminutive.

‘Green Teeth’ Two long diffuse marks at the base of the inner. Short but vigorous. Sea-green leaves.

nivalis ‘Quad’ a double nivalis which usually has only four outers followed by a ring of four inners and then a full centre. Three and three on immature bulbs. reginae-olgae

‘Pink Panther’ the first pink-flowered snowdrop to be made available. Reliably pale pink and flowers end September. Needs lots of leaf mold in part shade.

nivalis ‘Tiny Tim’, a small, late form

plicatus ‘Fatty Puff’, from the same stable as ‘Diggory’, with puffed petals and a different mark.

plicatus ‘Hunton Herald’ Christmas flowering form found by David and Anke Way. Nice markings and ridiculously vigorous. 

reginae-olgae ‘Blanc de Chine’ an albino form with the tiniest dots on occasion

reginae-olgae ‘Foursome’ always has four in and out on mature bulbs

reginae-olgae ‘Ruby Baker’ the best green-tipped  RO so far

nivalis ‘Flocon de Neige’ a double which always has 6 perfect outers. Very beautiful.

nivalis ‘Narwhal’ a Walrus type, but with whiter flowers that continue on reliably into April.

nivalis ‘Luke’ a spiky with short, green-tipped petals. Relatively vigorous.

‘William Louis’ an ikariae hybrid with elwesii. It has a good apical mark and a diffuse paler basal mark. Dark green leaves. Slow.

‘Seagull’ massive, well-shaped flowers on stout stems. A good, new, vigorous cultivar.

‘Tom Watkins’ a green-tipped hybrid, probably involving ‘Viridapice’ and a plicate, often with two flowers per bulb. Spathe normal.

‘Uncle Dick’ named by Bowles for Dick Trotter, a plicate hybrid with diffuse basal mark. Chunky.