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Iris tectorum

Iris tectorum£4.00

Lilium 'Doubleen'

Lilium 'Doubleen'£4.00

Linaria 'Peachy'

Linaria 'Peachy'£4.00

Linaria vulgaris 'Peloria'

Linaria vulgaris 'Peloria'£4.00

Lobelia sessilifolia

Lobelia sessilifolia£4.00

Lunaria rediviva

Lunaria rediviva£4.00

Omphalodes nitida

Omphalodes nitida£4.00

Pachyphragma macrophyllum

Pachyphragma macrophyllum£4.00

Polemonium 'Idylle'

Polemonium 'Idylle'£5.00

I'm a
plant !
Pulmonaria 'Gavin Compton'

Pulmonaria 'Gavin Compton'£4.00

I'm a
plant !
Ranunculus repens 'Timothy Clark'

Ranunculus repens 'Timothy Clark'£4.00

Rhodiola fastigiata

Rhodiola fastigiata£5.00

Rhodiola kirilowii

Rhodiola kirilowii£5.00

Scabiosa 'Marie Maskell'

Scabiosa 'Marie Maskell'£5.00

Scabiosa 'Miss Havisham'

Scabiosa 'Miss Havisham'£4.00

Silene asterias

Silene asterias£4.00

Silene dioica 'Ray's Golden'

Silene dioica 'Ray's Golden'£4.00

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Page 2 of 3:    65 Items