Galanthus nivalis 'Danube Star'

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Galanthus nivalis

The flowers have one green mark on the inner. Narrow grey-green leaves. Make large clumps which repay frequent division by increasing well. The most common form in the UK never, or very rarely, produces seedlings and reproduces in nature by bulbs spreading around in the summer from the bigger clumps. There are many cultivated forms and varieties which can be: double, green-tipped, all green, yellow, all white, poculiform and vary in other interesting ways. January and February. 10 to 30cm. Damper part shade under deciduous trees and shrubs and often naturalised in river valleys or in higher rainfall areas of the UK. Originally from a huge area of Western Europe, north to Germany, east to Poland and Hungary, south to Greece and Italy and west to France. Not thought to be native to the United Kingdom

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