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Forsythia 'Susan Gruninger'

Yellow flowers in abundance typical of a F. x intermedia. The leaves, however, are strongly margined in pure white especially in early spring. The margins thin and the centres become more green as the season goes on. Very beautiful and unaccountably rare. Shrub to 2m. March. Any soil but better in part shade. Surprisingly vigorous. To us from Ollie Neave.

Hebenstretia dura

Many dense spikes of tiny white flowers, each with a rich orange centre. Unscented during the day but as the evening draws on they produced the richest, most powerful perfume of anything we grow. Many small, narrow, toothed leaves set up the wiry stems. Bushy to 60cm. From April to frosts, but 12 months if grown in a conservatory. About half died in minus 10C but in a sheltered spot they came through fine. Drier conditions in full sun. South African.

Ligustrum vulgare var. chlorocarpum

A very rare green-berried form of privet found in Lincolnshire. Dense heads of white flowers in late June followed by green berries in Autumn. Height to 200cm. Flowers best in sun, any soil. Easy to grow.

Lonicera vesicaria

Rich golden-yellow flowers in clusters in the leaf axils. Dark green hairy leaves. Rich brown bark. Branching upright habit to 2m. Any soil in sun or part shade. June. From Harry Hay. Rare.

Rosa x odorata 'Semperflorens' Syn. Miss Wilmott's double crimson china

Many fully double, brilliant rich red flowers. Smaller greener but purple-tinted leaves than the above. Fine stems. Shrub to 1m. From May to frosts. Any soil in sun. Can be cut to the floor by minus 10C but it always sprouts again. To us from Graham Thomas.

Rubus spectabilis 'Olympic Double'

Large, very double, magenta purple flowers followed by edible red berries. Fresh green lobed leaves. Attractive brown canes which are slightly bristly. 120-150cm. May/ June. Any soil in sun or part shade. Running in damper soils.

Salix alba 'Aurea'

More of a shrub than a tree and much less vigorous. The stems are yellowish green at first becoming more orange later. Leaves are distinctly yellow. 6ft. 180cm.

Viburnum opulus 'Xanthocarpum Compactum'

The very rare dwarf yellow-berried form. Flowers as in the wild plant looking like mini lacecap hydrangeas. Leaves yellowy-green with no purple tints. Shrub to 2m but it will take it 20 years to do it! June. Orangy-yellow berries in Autumn. Any soil in sun but not too dry. Still rare.

Weigela florida 'Graham Thomas'

Rich pink flowers produced in profusion. Small, narrow white-margined leaves with hints of pink and cream. Lammas shoots have a more yellow variegation. Small shrub to 1.5m. June/ July. Any soil in sun or part shade. From Graham Thomas and different from the larger, broad-leaved, cream-variegated 'Variegata'.