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All plants are supplied in 9cm pots.
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Leucojum vernum 'Green Lantern'

A selection I made where the tips are between a quarter and a third of the petal. When partly open it has a curious shape a bit like a Chinese lantern. Mid-season and very vigorous. Fresher green leaves than most of the others.

Leucojum vernum var vagneri '

Larger, much earlier, broader leaved, more vigorous, mostly but not always two flowers per stem. From former Hungary now Western Ukraine. Stays true in cultivation and doesn’t, so far, seem to cross with Lvv. Seeds well with me.

Leucojum vernum var vagneri 'Janus'

A selection I made some years ago which reliably flowers first and usually in early January, hence Janus. Janus: a two-faced Roman god who looks back to the old year and forward to the new one. Otherwise it’s a typical vagneri.

Narcissus 'The O'Mahoney' 'Bowles' Early Sulphur'

Relatively short but very early flowering minature daffodil in sulphur yellow. Occasionally, the flowers can be semi-double. The leaves are relatively green and often have a recurved tip. Very vigorous but rarely offered. Originally, ‘The O’Mahoney’ because Bowles got it from a friend in Ireland, but widely distributed by Bowles and named for him by association.

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